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High-quality workshops with Globally recognised certificates


Client testimonials


How Pranic Healing helped me>


Healed Autoimmune disorder - my ACL and IGM antibodies problem in 2 months; healed uterine fibroid 


I quit smoking >

Manish Bansal.jpg

I got the motivation to quit smoking after the Basic Pranic Healing; I have now done PH Level 2 and 3 as well


Family of 5 Pranic Healers>


We meditate everyday on Twin Hearts Meditation; Our family is positive and happier after Pranic Healing.


How Pranic Healing helped me>


I had two foot surgeries; did pranic healing. The Doctors were surprised at the rate of recovery.

Why Sanjeevani Wellness Studio?

Sanjeevani Wellness Studio is dedicated to spreading meditations, energy healing, and spiritual studies in Hyderabad.

The Promoters have themselves been Pranic Healers & Arhatic Yoga Practitioners for almost a decade and benefited immensely from these healing and spiritual practices. They have seen very good results through Pranic Healing in their families. The healings include auto-immune diseases, stomach disorders, back pain, knee pain, fever, stomach upsets, varicose veins, depression and anxiety, sports injuries, and many more ailments.

Pranic Healing is a no-touch therapy that is opening the world to new paradigms of health and fitness. The courses encourage intelligent evaluation with lots of case studies and real-life examples. It is an experiential course where you learn the art of validating everything with your own hands.

The Promoters want everyone to experience the immense benefits they have experienced through Pranic Healing. With this intention, Sanjeevani Wellness Studio was formed in late 2018.

It provides top-notch & and high-quality workshops with some of the best trainers across the country. We do not compromise on the quality of teachings, or hospitality, food, hygiene, and the overall experience. We strictly follow the global course curriculum that includes both didactic and practicum approaches. Our courses provide a globally recognized Certificate of Participation recognized in over 120 countries globally.


You can find cheaper courses in Pranic Healing. However, the quality comes at a certain price. We also offer money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the course, as we have a firm belief in the quality of content and experience we are offering.

Join us today to learn Pranic Healing. Or call us to take a paid consultation and paid healing session.

We are here to help you live a better life. That's our motto and our mission. Call us today at +91-9550032000


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