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Corporate forgiveness - A spiritual approach for business management

Completing nearly 16 years of my career working with leading multinational companies, many like me have had to nurture multiple emotional challenges of office politics, difficult customers, non-performing teams or our own adamant self not willing to see perspectives other than our own. Often we have found ourselves to be reactive to situations, trying to defend in the wake of a storm. However, specifically in 2013 while dealing with an extremely challenging corporate situation, I decided to practice "Forgiveness", or the art of transforming anger/ angst against a person or a situation, into peace and tranquility. This wasn't easy. It took time and I repeatedly asked my inner self to forgive. After a few days of practicing forgiveness the whole situation was much clearer. There was openness and flexibility to different thoughts and opinions. I was able to realize my own faults/ challenges/ thought patterns, understand circumstantial challenges and appreciate stakeholders' points of view. All of these started blending seamlessly. The challenge resolved due to my enhanced clarity and peace of mind. Since then I have made the practice of forgiveness and letting go, an integral part of my being.

Everyday I forgive, at times not even knowing what is there to be forgiven. But as I forgive, small day to day incidents come to light that however superficial they may be, impact us. Since my days of healing, I have firmly believed that thoughts have energy, a mother's prayer actually works, or a beloved in need alerts us through some higher force. All of these, which are so called miracles of life seem to enable ways/ means of communication or communion that are so simple and yet so strange.

So lets forgive and send prayers of success, health and abundance to everyone who we work with. By providing mental clarity and inner peace, forgiveness will become one of the accelerators for our careers, and help us take bigger responsibilities, rise and shine in various walks of life.

A simple way of forgiving is to imagine the person, or situations in front of you. Saying Namaste, I salute the divinity in you, I understand that all of us are different, we come with different thought process and attitudes towards life. Imagine the person turning into a ball of light, as that makes it easier to forgive. Say that "I forgive you", "May God forgive you", "Let peace be with all of us". Wait for two minutes and feel the peace and harmony between both of you. You can use the words 'peace', 'om shanti", "shalom" during this time. Wish the person with happiness, peace, good health and success. Do it thrice. Mentally disconnect from the person.

Doing forgiveness regularly will bring more clarity in your life. As someone told me, we can look at life in many ways... just because we are looking at life in 'our' way, doesn't necessarily mean it is correct or it is the 'only' way. Forgiveness leads to greater appreciation of others thoughts and opinions which can be very different from our own. It brings harmony and clarity to take correct decisions. It obviously won't make us peaceful overnight, but with practice will enable a happy, harmonious career and reduce burnout. In fact it will rejuvenate and reinvigorate you to look forward to every day of your life.

You can also search for forgiveness techniques online on any of the Pranic Healing websites. Do let me know your experiences.

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