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Prosperity through Spirituality

Prosperity and Spirituality are two sides of the same coin. It is said that in the beginning there was pure matter and pure energy. When they both met, the universe was formed. In simple words it means that spiritual energy has the power to transform the physical reality around you. This physical reality is experienced in many ways including our home, our assets, finances, relationships, success, challenges, pain, sadness, happiness, good luck, bad luck and many such similar forms. All of these are manifestations of physical reality merged with the spiritual reality. It is called the mix of esoteric and the exoteric, of Vishnu and Lakshmi, of spirit and matter, depending on the religion and culture you belong to. This is the secret that everyone must understand to live a super happy and super successful life. In the first pranic healing workshop I was taught that "it is in giving that we receive"i.e. what we need we must give or in simple words we must treat others, the way we want others to treat us. This is the also known as the Law of Karma. Success happens when we have tremendous positive karmic bank balance. The karmic bank balance is created by helping others, by enabling others success, by developing compassion and kindness towards others and by being harmless to others in thoughts, words and deeds. Along with the karmic bank balance we must also have the intelligence to create opportunities for our karma to manifest. For example we must invest wisely, we must watch out for opportunities for start-ups, we must save in a disciplined manner every month, we must not fall to the temptations of luxuries until they provide a definite return on investment to us (e.g. in some businesses a luxury car is considered as a mark of success and trust, like real-estate or hospitality industry to name a few).

Twin Hearts Meditation generates tremendous good karma and so does chanting of Om Mani Padme Hum properly (taught in Om Mani Padme Hum course). Pranic Healing also generates tremendous positive karma for good health. Pranic Psychotherapy generates tremendous karma for happiness and inner peace. Along with this the students are advised to do service every week of about 1-3 hours plus donate about 10% of their monthly salary to charitable causes. Now some students approach us saying that 10% is too much to give. We advise them to start small and gradually but systematically increase the donation to this amount. We also advise them not to do this mechanically, but only when their heart has genuinely understood the joy of helping others. We have met a number of students who did this for some time, not fully understanding. Their experiences have been amazing - gradually they started feeling a sense of purpose, they started having faith in life and all of their insecurities and anxieties reduced substantially. Some of them also narrated their experiences of surprise help and luck that avoided them from making loss making investments, or losing large sums of money. Some of them also narrated incidents where their money was stuck for a long time and was suddenly recovered once they started twin hearts meditation, pranic healing, service and donations. This is the beauty of this school. The teaching are simple, highly effective and provide a systematic approach to uplift our body, mind and soul plus all the circumstances around these. So be prosperous by being kind, helpful and spiritual. Wishes of prosperity, success and spirituality be with all. Remember that prosperity and spirituality are two sides of the same coin. One cannot survive without other. We have spent our whole life focusing on prosperity; isn't it time to attain it by focusing on spirituality ?

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