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Personal growth & transformation is a journey; we recommend all individuals to join 5 corecourses of healing, meditation and arhatic yoga for lasting benefits.



Comprehensive inner transformation program for INDIVIDUALS

Standalone workshops or package of 5 workshops and free healing sessions. Includes the following:

  • Basic Pranic Healinc

  • Advanced Pranic Healing

  • Pranic Psychotherapy

  • Oneness with Higher Soul

  • Arhatic Prep (organized at GMCKS Ashram, Mulshi, near Pune)

Individually priced each workshop is INR 4,000 for first three workshops, INR 5,000 for Oneness with Higher Soul and INR 12,800 for Arhatic Prep workshop. This works out to be INR 29,800. Opting for all courses and making upfront payment leads to a 10% discount.  

You also get a Mentoring Schedule and Observations/ diagnostic booklet with annual plan of action


Program for FAMILY & COUPLES to heal relationships

A family or couples are ideal for these programs because the teachings are very beneficial for relationship healing. 

After the course you understand your life partner much better.

Couples can opt for individual workshops or the complete healing & arhatic yoga package. Additional discount available for couples with total package of 5 workshops priced at Rs. 26,000 for each participant


Program for Leads, MANAGERS & SENIOR EXECUTIVES for stress relief, improved morale & performance

Employee sickness, stress and burnout is a serious problem at corporate workplaces. Due to this the employee output is not maximised and often there are defects leading to sour client relationships.

Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga is ideally suited for all high performing teams. Self-healing, improved focus, inner peace and tools to systematically remove old habits & thought patterns enables significant performance improvements & higher business.

Typically sponsored by HR, Training or BU Heads, the programs are conducted at the Company's facilities leveraging organisational infrastructure, enabling us to provide highly attractive bulk rates. 

20-100 number of participants.

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