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Naandi Rurban Commune,

near TSPA

Hyderabad is a blessed city, with plenty of nature, rock formations, lakes and forests preserved in their pristine form. This is the legacy that our ancestors have passed on to us. This legacy inspires us to leverage spaces that provide a surreal spiritually immersive experience. Naandi Rurban Commune is one such place.


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Naandi Rurban Commune is truly living in the lap of nature. Set amidst the backyard of the Himayat Sagar lake, Naandi is a place famed for its sustainable living with agriculture, forestry and water conservation areas spread across 35 acres with 70 farmer quarters and a wonderful clubhouse for community events and spiritual workshops. The place provides ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the city in just about 35 minutes from the Hitech city. Naandi is about 15 minutes away from the TSPA junction (formerly APPA junction) and is an ideal retreat of two days while attending the Pranic Healing Workshops. If you are lucky you will be able to spot exotic birds and animals which are so common yet so rare in the city. With the air so pure and the ambience uncluttered Naandi provides ideal spiritual and healing experience. While in the workshops enjoy completely organic food, home produced in the Naandi farms. 

Nagarjuna Residency,


A spacious residential apartment complex with sprawling clubhouse and multi-purpose hall. Sanjeevani Center was incubated here and we continue to hold workshops at this place.


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Nagarjuna Residency Multi-purpose Hall is a place in the center of the city near IKEA that provides ideal place for centrally located workshops, which are convenient for everyone to access. Depending on the nature of participants and their base location, Sanjeevani occasionally conducts workshops at this place. It is easily accessible from across the city. The clubhouse is reasonably spacious and well ventilated with excellent infrastructure support. 

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