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The key to good health is to understand the complete human system

Human beings are a seven fold beings comprising of physical body that all of us can see, the etheric or the bio-plasmic counterpart that has been captured by Krilian cameras, the emotional body through which all of us feel, the mental body through which all of us think and analyse, the causal body, the higher causal that is also called as the higher soul and the super causal that is also called as the divine spark. Different people and institutions use different terms to describe these aspects of human beings. For example the Indian scriptures talk about the pranamaya kosha, manomaya kosha, anandmaya kosha, vignanmaya kosha and more.

So as you will realise the physical body is just a tiny fraction of the overall human personality. Yet we spend so much time on the physical body every day from food, clothes, exercises, hygiene, sleep etc. Of course it is very important to take care of the human body. However, it is equally important to take care of the etheric, emotional, mental and causal aspects of our personality, which unfortunately is rarely taught to us in schools or established in our upbringing. Pranic healing is a comprehensive spiritual system that teaches how to take care of all these aspects. For example the courses like Basic Pranic Healing and Advanced Pranic Healing teach about energy healing methods through which the etheric body and the physical body is healed. The concept of energy vortices called as chakras in the Vedic system is explained very well including understanding any chakral or energy imbalances. The Pranic Psychotherapy course explains how to treat various psychological ailments e.g. stress, grief, anger, anxiety and more. Most of these problems are emotional in nature. As early as the Basic Pranic Healing course a powerful meditation called as the Twin Hearts Meditation is taught to all the students, that is an excellent method to experience inner peace and inner healing. In the course called Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, we learn about the causal body also called as the soul. We also learn a meditation that provides substantial development of the mental body and the causal body.

After all of these classes comes Arhatic Yoga, which is a blend of all the key yoga disciplines including karma yoga, kundalini yoga, gyana yoga, bhakti yoga, hatha yoga and more. Arhatic Yoga teaches how to develop the holistic personality in a systematic, safe and balanced manner. Arhatic Yoga rapidly accelerates spiritual development and leads to a significant expansion in the intuition, intellect and physical, mental and emotional stamina. It leads to tremendous success in all walks of life without any compromises on the health and well being.

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